General Studies

Learn English, Math, Social Studies, and Life Skills



Your child can learn General Studies with the same great format and teachers that you have come to know and love!


We have a fully accredited curriculum of Math, English, Social Studies, and Life Skills, combining textbooks with computer resources to ensure our students fully master the material they are taught.


Monday - Thursday from 2:30-4:00 PM EST

Our classes are all taught by a trusted
Nigri Jewish Online School teacher!

What is unique about General Studies?

  • Have your child learn General Studies from religious teachers

  • Approved curriculum for religious children

  • Fill your child's day with Limudei Kodesh and Chol on the same level as Jewish Day Schools across the US

Things are going well! Esther is enthusiastic and is enjoying the classes, the teachers, and the students! Thank you!

Newton, Massachusetts