Day School

Comprehensive Jewish Education


Our Day School students learn Kriah, Yahadus, Parshah, and a weekly Dvar Torah. As they get older, they proceed to learn Chumash and Rashi, Mishnayos, Gemara and Jewish History. Additionally, they will learn Halacha and Navi.


The Day School curriculum is geared towards strong, text-based knowledge in each area of learning, with an emphasis on the skills of learning how to learn.


Our teachers use a variety of hands-on, interactive, and entertaining programs and methods to ensure that the students enjoy school and are successfully keeping up with each subject that they are learning.


Classes are Monday - Thursday, 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM EST.

Did you know? Our Day School students are on or above class level if they re-enter a conventional day school!

What is unique about Day School?

  • Attend classes four days a week, Monday through Thursday.

  • Offers a full scope of subjects.

  • Students are assigned homework, are regularly evaluated, and are given report cards.

  • Students have a personal portal to submit their completed assignments and keep tabs on their grades.

Meira is very content with the work she does with you and even stated this is the most I've ever learned and I'm happy for this opportunity. To say the least, I'm thrilled she is enjoying her time and learning with you.

Metairie, Louisiana