Immersive Hebrew Language (Ivrit b'Ivrit)

Learning to speak the Hebrew language!



It's one thing to read an Alphabet, it's a whole different thing to understand a language.


Does your child read Hebrew but doesn't understand it? Maybe your child does not even do that and yet, you want your child to be able to speak Hebrew!


Our students learn everything from basic Hebrew like how to introduce themselves, all the way up to advanced Hebrew so they can discuss a variety of topics with an expanded vocabulary, full sentences, and improved fluency.


Our devoted and fun teachers use modern and engaging methods to ensure that each student is gaining the skills of conversational Hebrew at their own level and speed.


Our teachers incorporate the highly successful TPR (Total Physical Response) method.

What is unique about the Immersive Hebrew Language Class?

  • Children will be able to express themselves in modern Hebrew.

  • Teachers incorporate the highly successful TPR method (Total Physical Response).

  • Multiple levels ensure all children gain the skills at their own level and speed.

My son is in a local day school but always struggled with understanding the Hebrew language. I am so happy to have signed up my son for the Conversational Hebrew program because he was able to pick up on not just reading Hebrew, but actually understanding the language as it is spoken in Israel today.

Elon, North Carolina