Cheder Chabad

Grow to be a Chossid



Give your child what they need to grow to be a Chossid.


Your child will learn the rich history of Chabad Chassidus, about the Rebbeim of Lubavitch, and their love for Chassidus. They will learn the meaning of Ahavas Yisroel and how to learn Torah and do Mitzvos B’Hiddur. They'll be inspired to connect with the Rebbe and to do all they can to bring us to the Geulah Shleimah!


Monday through Thursday mornings, between Tefillah and Day School classes.

Enjoy watching your child grow in their Hiskashrus and Chassidishkeit!

What is unique about Cheder Chabad?

  • Our students learn themes in Chassidus

  • Learn about Chassidishe milestones and Yomim Tovim

  • Participate in Farbrengens

  • Memorize Tanya Ba’al Peh

Our daughter Riva is so so loving it. 
It is really making her day.

Rabbi Mendy
Sacramento, California