Tefillah Club

Daven with a group of friends



Start your child’s day in the best way. Regardless of where and when your child goes to school, if they don't have a Tefillah class in their school/class, have them join this Tefillah class.


Each day at Tefillah class your child will learn the meaning and inspiration of davening and will then daven with a group of friends.


Monday through Thursday mornings

  • Nusach Ari takes place from 9:00-9:45 AM EST

  • Nusach Ashkenaz takes place from 10:00-10:45 AM EST

Watch your kid’s excitement when it’s their turn to be Chazzan or Chazzanit!

What is unique about Tefillah class?

  • Daven with your family’s nusach - offering different nuschaos to accommodate all children. 

  • Befriend more Jewish girls or boys before class - offering separate girls and boys classes.

  • Sing along with other children your age - offering different age brackets. 

  • Learn the meaning behind our prayers and why we need to connect to Hashem each day.

Ariella absolutely loves her classes! She is involved, interacts with her new friends, and participates in discussions. I hear her laugh a lot during the classes, and she learns a lot!
We are thrilled by the quality of the program and the skills of the teachers. They are so patient, attentive to each child, and care about what they teach.
Thank you so much to you and the teachers!

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