Find the right department for your child:


Day School

Join interactive Hebrew classes with an optional davening class.

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After School

Gain insight in Chumash, Mishnayos, and Gemara.

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Hebrew School

Master Hebrew reading and partake in exciting Judaic classes.

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Conversational Hebrew

Prepare to be happily surprised by your Hebrew speaking child.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Discovery Program

Mazel Tov! Let's get ready!

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Custom Classes & Tutoring

At your child's level, for your child's interest.

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Looking for something else?
We can create a custom class for you.

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Our teachers use all kinds of hands-on, interactive and entertaining programs and methods to ensure that the students enjoy school and are successfully keeping up with each subject that they are learning.


Be a part of a global Jewish community.
Your child will connect with other Jewish kids around the world.


Your child will have access to a portal with their own customized dashboard to see updates, communicate with their teacher and track their homework and points.


Extras! Fun Programs! Exciting Projects!

Your child will be able to enjoy a constant array of extra-curricular activities that take place outside of school hours. These activities, fun projects and shows connect to what they are learning in class, the Parsha of the week, the relevant Chagim and much more.


You've Got Mail

Your child will recieve a package of books and workbooks before the school year begins.


Everyone loves getting mail! Your child will be so excited to continue receiving packages from us throughout the year. Teachers give out points which can be used to choose prizes which are shipped to your home. Look out for birthday packages, goodies and treats.

My kids are doing amazing. They love their classes and are learning a ton.
Thank you for all you guys do!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida