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My kids get an amazing level of education that I am not even sure they'd get in a regular school.
 Rabbi Schneur Oirechman, Director, Chabad of Tallahassee, Florida 

The kids all went to class very enthusiastically every day, loved the classes, loved the teachers, and we really feel they gained a lot … It was a very complete education, far surpassing what we could have done, and what we even expected online school would be able to do. Thanks again for everything and looking forward to sharing more years of online education for them.
 Mrs. Sara Freedman, Co-Director, Chabad of Bahia Blanca, Argentina 

It benefits me by allowing me and my wife to focus on our community with a lot more time, energy and peace of mind knowing that our kids are in the educational environment they need. It’s something we never could have imagined before this school. My kids love it! They don’t just like it.
 Rabbi Ovadia Goldman, Co-Director, Chabad Jewish Center of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Hi Morah Aidele!
Esti has voted you as her favorite teacher.  I appreciate all the new skills that you are instilling in these girls and really preparing them for the future.  Esti loves both the Halacha class and the Yahadus and I really cannot figure out which one she prefers – so once again it must be the teacher behind them both. 
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
 Mrs. Chanie Zirkind , Co-Director, Chabad of Fresno 

 Morah Hindy,
I love your style! You have a way of making the girls feel so cherished, and your enthusiasm for Torah and mitzvos really is contagious. It was so beautiful when you told the girls, 'this is my FAVOURITE parsha! I love it!' Rochele has her favourite parsha now too! You also instil within them a pride in their Shlichus, and remind them how special a tafkid they have.
Thank you.            
Sorry for eavesdropping, but I love your classes!
Thank you for teaching my daughter in the way you do.
 Mrs. Leah Namdar, Co-Director, Chabad of Goteborg 

Hi Mrs. Rosenberg
Thank you for your email.
Living in Beijing has now become much easier for us and our children since they began the online school, and having you as their teacher has made it even more exciting. You are giving them more then just the text chinuch.
Thank you very much for all your hard work.
Kol Tuv
 Mrs. Dini Freundlich, Co-Director, Chabad of Beijing 




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