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Mission Statement
The Shluchim Office was established at the request of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to comprehensively meet the needs of Shluchim, Shluchos and their children, helping them in their personal lives as well as providing the tools they need to succeed in their outreach mission.

Since then, one of the most popular requests we fielded throughout the years was for assistance with the education of the shliach's own children. 

For forty years, shluchim in remote and small communities had faced hard choices on how to educate their own children, and it was this hardship that led to the creation of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School. 

Founded in 2006, the school's mission is to provide Shluchim with a viable means of education for their children, regardless of where they live.  Timeless Judaism delivered directly to their home computer.




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