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Remember the good old days when you had to drive 45 minutes, each way, once a week, to shlep your unwilling son to his Bar Mitzvah lessons, not to mention how very expensive the lessons were?

Well, its a new world, and Jewish Online School is here to the rescue. Now your son can have his Bar Mitzvah lesson online from home. The lessons are given LIVE and are fun, interactive and exciting, and of course highly affordable.

At the end of each class your son gets a recording to put on his iPod for review. Its simple and fun!


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Jewish Online School offers a lot more than just Bar Mitzvah Lessons online. Your child will get to know his teacher really well, and most boys end up staying in touch long after their Bar Mitzvah. They even have reunions once or twice a year for all the Bar Mitzvah Alumni!

We also hook you up with a local synagogue where you can hold the Bar Mitzvah celebration for all your family and friends. We offer a complete package that you, and more importantly your Bar Mitzvah boy will love.


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