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Nigri Jewish Online School

The Nigri Jewish Online School is the largest online Jewish school offering three different programs.

The Day School division offers daily classes where your child will gain an authentic, text-based, Torah education. They will learn the critical skills that will enable him/her to excel in grade appropriate studies, becoming independent learners in the Torah. Our curriculum also emphasizes Jewish values, identity and a core knowledge base in each area of learning. We aim to give your child a meaningful, productive and inspiring learning experience, and the keys to lifelong Jewish studies.

The After School program is a bi-weekly division where your child can learn Judaics after-hours. Your child will learn Hebrew reading, Parsha, Chumash and the other subjects in a traditional Jewish school. For your convenience, it is offered for both East Coast and West Coast.

The Online Hebrew School is weekly option, offering Hebrew reading and an interactive Judaic curriculum. Students will learn how to read the Hebrew language and gain a love for their heritage while learning about the Jewish Holidays, values, and traditions.
With the Online Bar Mitzvah Lessons your son will receive personal Bar Mitzvah lessons that are tailored for his needs. Using cutting edge video conferencing your son will learn live one on one, with his own private teacher.
More than just imparting knowledge, the classroom provides students with the tools to become confident, successful learners.