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Hebrew School Testimonials

Dear Jewish Online School,

It has been a great year for the children.  They have learned so much, their Hebrew has really taken off and the content of education that you provide is excellent.  You should be very proud. So, definitely count us in for next year!

All the best,

T. Kozuch
Bognor, Ontario

Dear Jewish Online School,

Just a quick note to say bravo!  We feel so grateful to have you all in our lives.  The content and teaching was wonderful!  We can’t wait until next week.


David and Tricia Hannon,  Germany



Dear Sima,

Myles loved his class yesterday afternoon and my husband sat next to him on a second computer to assist him in learning how to use the program.  My husband said that he learned more about Purim that he has ever known – and that was in a 2nd grade class!

We are so excited about starting the twins next weekend.

 Thank you,

Monica Krachman

Tyler, Texas

Day School Testimonials
Dear Jewish Online School,
I am writing to thank you for establishing the Jewish Online School. We are a Baal Teshuva family living 6 ½ hours away from the nearest Jewish community. For the past several years, I have been homeschooling my daughters. While they have learned a lot from me, their excitement each week to learn with Morah Leah has greatly increased their enthusiasm for learning Hebrew and studying Torah. With Morah Leah’s motivation, my 8 year old went from struggling with the Nekudos to reading Chumash in 6 months. My 6 year old, who was in a cycle of learning and forgetting the aleph-bet, is now comfortable with all the letters and knows two Nekudos.  While our children have learned a lot from us, having a teacher to look up to has given them something we could not give. The Jewish Online School has strengthened their Jewish identity by giving them the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves. My daughters are disappointed that school is over for the year and look forward to next year. Thank you for helping to make this learning opportunity possible.
Debra Goldman, Houghton, Michigan
Hello to all the staff at the online school,
Our family is so happy with the online school. My boys are so excited to learn with their Morahs! The Morahs are amazing and so professional. They have so many activities and are really interactive with the kids. The Morahs use  all the tools and the kids do too!! It’s fascinating!!
My kids get so excited when it’s their days to learn online with their Morah! My first grader is excited to get his books in the mail!  It’s so wonderful for the kids to have this alternative way to learn. We can see what a great yr this will be!! 
We live very far from a Yeshiva and feel that this online school will be the BEST for our family. We know we can call and talk with someone and get support if we need from the staff. 
Our only regret is that we only wish we started this last year!!!
The Goldberg Family 
Chandler, AZ

Dear Jewish Online School,
May Hashem bless you, for all your efforts at the JOS.  I am beyond impressed.  I got such Nachas from watching my son learn today.  This was the first time I have had hope in a long time.  He was interested, focused, and very happy with the experience.  Rabbi Benjaminson was clear, kind, and handled my son just right.  I really am without appropriate words.  Thank you so very much for beginning this advanced learning program with my son!
Mrs. Gelbman, Albany, NY