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About Our School
Our Mission

The Nigri International Shluchim Online School was created for and is entirely dedicated to the education of Shluchim's children. Accordingly, our tuition prices are offered at the level most schools would consider as a "Shluchim Discount" rate. We devote significant time and energy to fundraise and cover the balance of the school's operating cost.

Budget for 5778 (2017-2018) Scholastic Year 


Staff Salaries:
Staff salaries include our faculty, principals, tech support and administration.

Virtual Classroom:
The online classroom is the custom-built foundation and virtual building of our school.  We continue to invest in ongoing development in our classroom technology, web servers, security software and related.
Staff & Teaching Centers:
Two central offices, one based in the Americas and another in Israel, house our administration and faculty, while also offering workstations and high-speed Internet access to our teachers.
Financial Services
Credit card processing fees, wire transfer fees, CPA, insurance, and legal advice.
School books, equipment to maintain teacher workstations, copy/print expenses, prizes, awards and general office supplies.
Events & Programs:
Extracurricular events and programs, and miscellaneous smaller expenses.


Tuition Fees:
A projected tuition income based on expected demand and last year’s net tuition revenue (after accounting for hardship subsidies and uncollectable tuition).

Fundraising Target:
We rely on our amazing supporters and friends who share our enthusiasm and vision for providing Shluchim’s children with the Chinuch they deserve to assist us in covering the remaining portion of the school’s annual budget.  

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