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Scholarship Fund

Over the last five years, through a variety of mediums, The Shluchim Office raised and distributed over a million dollars in scholarship and tuition breaks to Shluchim around the world.   
In an effort to better assist Shluchim, we have recently consolidated these efforts under one organized banner: The Young Shluchim Scholarship Fund.
The goal of this fund is to alleviate the financial burden faced by many Shluchim as a result of tuition costs. Monies raised will go towards tuition in the Nigri International Online School and other Lubavitch schools internationally.  
As the first first phase of this fund, we are launching a raffle with a $10,000.00 cash prize. All proceeds of this raffle will go directly towards the tuition costs incurred by parents of children in the Nigri International Online School.
Think about the hundreds of young Shluchim who will benefit from your generosity. Purchasing a raffle ticket will enable us to continue to provide them with the very best education.
To participate click here.
The fund will be overseen by the recently expanded Vaad of the Shluchim Online School, whose members will be announced shortly.

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