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Zoom FAQ's and Video Tutorials

CLICK HERE for Zoom VIDEO tutorials



Q: How can I practice as a teacher on my computer and see what the students will see? 

A: Just login as a teacher on your computer. 

Then, to join as a student you can join through the browser See here but you can't use the annotation tool through a browser.  

If you want to be able to use the annotation tools as a test student then you can join the class on your phone as a student and you can use the annotate tools

Q: How do I change my video layout for in different use cases?
A: Here you will see all use cases to help you see all webcams or some webcams, full screen and not full screen and so on. This has all the info you need.

Q: How do I make it that the students see my webcamera as the spotlight (the biggest) and what does Pin video do?
A: Just right click anyones video that is on and you will see the "spotlight video" option. When you select
"spotlight video" you will see a yellow box around that users webcam, that means they are the biggest video being showed. For "Pin video" See Here

Q: How do I "Mute All" and "Unmute All" students at the same time? 
A: See here 


Q: Is there a way to make it that when a teacher gets disconnected or leaves a class from a class that it does NOT make another student a host/co-host. Would be great if participants can stay participants and not become hosts/co-hosts because then again kids can share very inappropriate things to the rest of the class

A: Yes, your students will be put into the waiting room if the host gets disconnected   

Q: Can I disable the ability for students to share their screen from within a breakout room? 

A: Yes, just click on the little arrow pointing up next to the share screen option while you are in a breakout room and select "HOST ONLY"

Q: Can I share a video with sound that is playing on my computer with my students? 

A: Yes, Click here

Q: Is there any information on Audio, Webcam Video and Screen Sharing?

A: Yes, Click here to see all the info you would need with regards to anything to do with Audio, Webcam Video and Screen Sharing

Q: Is there a timer I can use in zoom? 

A: Not as of yet. But in the breakout room you can set a timer or you can just share your screen of a timer Click here for a timer. You can aloso upload a video of a timer to your virtual background. 

Q: Can I disable screen share when students are in breakout rooms?

A: Not as of now but it’s in the plan down the line. 

Q: Can I share a file with my students? 

A: Yes, in the chat box you will see a “file” button and from there you can share the file with your students and they will have the ability “download” and then “open file” then they will be able to see the file you sent them. Click here


Q: How can I make it that students can’t change their virtual background image in their WebCam

A: You can’t yet but we zoom is currently working on a feature where users are only allowed to use pre-approved virtual backgrounds uploaded by Zoom admins. 

Q: Can I share/post slides for students to write on individually? 

A: There is no uploading of slides in zoom, However, you can share your full screen, individual browser tab, or any application or program from your computer without the students seeing anything else on your screen and ONLY seeing what you share. See here  

Q: When I give control to an activity on any application, besides for moving things on the slides and coloring on it, the student can close it or something like that. Is there a way to block that so I can make sure my students don't close my slides and I might lose my things?

A: No you can't prevent them from closing anything, they can do anything on your computer if you give them the control option. However, you should always use google slides See here which will always save everything unlike regular powerpoint.   

Q: What type of computer should I get for online school? 

As a teacher you should try and get 2 screens to teach from. 

You computer should have at least 8gb of ram and should have at least Quad Core 2.5Ghz or Higher (i7 or AMD equivalent) See here

Consult a computer professional when buying a computer or laptop and show them the requirements here:  

  • Zoom Desktop Client for PC, version 4.6.4 (17383.0119) or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit)
  • Supported processors (720p video)
    • Intel i5, i7, i9 - 2 cores or higher, gen 6 or higher, except atom and y series
      • Processor must have Intel GPU - except HD620 with driver version 23 or higher
      • OS must be Windows 10, 64-bit
  • Supported processors (1080p video)
    • Intel i5 - 4 cores or higher, gen 6 or higher, expect u-series
    • Intel i7, i9, Xeon - 4 cores or higher, gen 4 or higher
    • Intel CPU with HD620 graphics (OS must be Windows 10, 64-bit)
      • i7 2 cores; or
      • i5 2 cores with major version 26 or higher and minor version 7323 or higher
    • Other Intel processors - 6 cores or higher, gen 4 or higher, except atom and y series
    • Non-Intel processors - 8 cores or higher and frequency 3.0GHz; or 12 cores or higher
    • AMD - Ryzen 5/7/9 or higher



Q: What is the required internet speed I should have?   

A: There should be 4 mbps download speed and 4 mbps upload speed per computer which are simultaneously signed into an online school classroom. 

Example: If you have 3 children in three separate online school classrooms at the same time then you would need at least 12 mbps upload speed and 12 mbps download speed. Alos, if there are other computers or devices which are using the internet at the same time the students in the house are in class they you should add an additional 4 mbps upload speed and 4 mbps download speed. 

You can check your speed by searching google with the search term "Google speed test" and then click the blue "Run Speed Test" button. Then wait like 30 seconds and it will run the test and give you your download speed and upload speed.   


Q: What are the bandwidth requirements for 1 computer 

A: 4 mbps upload speed and 4 mbps download speed. See here 

Q: Is there a way that I can see which actual participant answered what in the polling questions instead of just seeing the percentage of participants that answered the polling questions? 

A: Yes, after the class has ended tech can pull the report. Just ask tech support to give you the results. 


Q: How can I make it that by default, no participants can turn on their webcam?

A: As of now you can’t in “ Zoom meetings” but once you click “stop video” from their video window then they can come on for the rest of class unless you allow them again. 


Q: At a glance, can I see what the students are doing in the breakout rooms just like in blackboard where I can see a small preview of all the breakout room screens in one shot? 


A: You can only see what the students are doing by actually going into the breakout room. There is no preview unfortunately. 


Q: How can I make it that by default, no participants can use the annotating tools when a host is presenting? I know the host can disable annotation but I want to know if by default it can be enabled to NOT allow participants to annotate when a host is presenting?

A: You can’t take away annotations from the participants by default. The presenter must select the option to disable participant annotation at the beginning of class when the share starts. See here 


Q: Can I lock the view for a participant making it that I control how they see the layout of the class and in result making it that participants can’t access the gallery view? 

A: As of now you can’t in “ Zoom meetings” 


Q: Can I give the ability for students to move from one breakout room to another breakout room? 

A: Only the co-hosts and host can move freely between the rooms. However, you can allow them to return to the main room on their own. Click here for more info on breakout room.


Q: Is there a way to give ONLY 1 participant the ability to annotate instead of either all participants or none? 

A: You can't specify one participant to annotate at this time. It's an all or none thing. However, you can show the names of the annotators to ensure the right person is annotating. See here.

If you started the shared screen or whiteboard, click More in the screen share controls for these annotation settings:

Allow/Disable participants annotation: Allow or prevent the participants from annotating on your shared screen.

Show/Hide Names of Annotators: Show or hide the participants' name when they are annotating. If set to show, the participant's name will briefly display beside their annotation.


Q: In a session can I make 2 breakout rooms and then can I have an honors student conducting in one breakout room with the ability to mute and unmute the others in that specific breakout room? And then another honors student conducting in another breakout room from within the same session with the ability to mute and unmute the others in a class and then the host can jump in between breakout rooms making sure the honors students are conducting properly? 

A: Yes make the student a co-host. See here 


Q: How can I share content in 2 or 3 breakout rooms at the same time. 

A: Unfortunately you can't. The participants will have to share their screens. So I would suggest to send each student whatever they need through the file share option in the chat. See minute 4:53 here 


Q: In breakout rooms can you make it that the participants DON'T have the option to leave the breakout room to go into the main? 

A: Absolutely, there is an option when you set up the breakout rooms or after to allow or disable that: 


Q: Can I save the annotations or whiteboards from any screen share? 

A: Yes, See here

Q: By default can we make video quality lower so we don't have performance issues? 

A: No