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Please do not register your child for the Kinus Thursday Program if you are joining the
Day of Celebration!

Last Name:
Child's Name:
Email Address:
Emergency Contact Name in NY:
Emergency Contact Number in NY:
My daughter/s and I will be joining the bus from Crown Heights to Park Slope
My daughter/s and I will be arranging our own transportation to Park Slope
Additional Important information: 
(Including if your child will be coming to NY without her mother, any allergy/medication information and any other personal / pertinent information about your child.)

Please CLICK HERE to submit a picture of your daughter for an exciting activity!

Please note the following calendar information for the Kinus weekend:

February 15-20, 2017|י"ט-כ"ד שבט – G2-G8 No School – Kinus
February 21, 2017|כ"ה שבט – G2-G8 Afternoon Classes Only – Kinus