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Memories 5779

Memories from Year 5777!
Who enjoyed our first ever Coffee Club?! Here's a recap if you missed! Get ready for next week!
What an amazing mini-production our G3ET put on in honor of Shavuos! And a big thank you to their Morah Swued!
Wow G7-8! Anyone wanna know what they were busy buying all year in Chassidopoly? G6, get excited for next year!
Did you forget about our awesome theme last month? Sefira is over but it's never too late to keep working on those Middos!
A representation of our G6-7ers shout out a THANK YOU to their High School chavrusas! 
Some snapshots of our super awesome wacky hair day!!!!


And the winner is... 
Chaya Mushka Laufer!!!
In the story of Purim, it was the little children who gave Mordechai Emunah. 
The pure children who were strong in their Emunah about the Geula at the time of the Purim story were at the front lines to bring Moshiach in that original "rally" of children.
So too, I, through Hashgacha Pratis am on Shlichus in Rhode Island and I too am at the front lines bringing Moshiach now.
I decided to make my Hamentash out of me :)

By: Chavie Liebersohn
My hamentash is made out of Candles. First of all its connected to my Shichus because its all about Shabbos Candles, How we can help other people light Shabbos Candles. Second is that Candles represent a Neshama so just as in the story of Purim the Yidden could have just become a Goy so that they wont be killed, but they choose the importance of the neshama and didn't become goyim.

By: Mina Tiechtel - Illinois
A lot of times when going on Mivtzoim,
Or even walk around Tzniusly, or our brothers
And fathers wearing Yalmuka, and Tzitzis,
We find a lot of Yidden and help them connect
To their Yiddeshkiet! Sometimes we did not even
Know a person we ask to put on Teffilen
Or other types of Mitzvoim is a Yid.  or even some
Times they even ask us! Seeing the way we
Dress, and talk, they ask us 'are you Jewish?!' 
just like on Purim, everything just seemed like
a 'coincidence' or Hashgacha Protis, 
it happens to a lot of us when we are on Mitzvtzoim.
Happy Purim!

By: Chana Korf
In my Chabad house I find to be
A very interesting mystery
It’s not too big neither is it small
It’s not wide and not tall
It’s actually not an object at all
It’s called unity together as one
Our shul accepts everyone
Not just me and not just you
It excepts every Jew
no matter what shape
Even if their wearing a cape
Sometimes this fact may be hidden
just like the story on Purim  
you will see in the picture attached
this cute Idea that I have hatched
By: Rivka Shemtov
In this hamantash no jelly can be seen,
the middle of this hamantash is empty! its clean!
this is like the purim story,
when Esther saved the jews with a lot of glory,
but really H' saved them but in a hidden way,
this is what I made this hamantash to say!
Hashem saved the jews though its hard to realize its true,
you really have to remember the real saver, remember who.
Happy Purim!

By: Chaya Zaklos
Just like a hamantasch the good stuff is hidden. So too when we are in Naples although we don't see always yiddishkeit revealed there is A Pintele yid in every Yid!

By: Rochel Shmotkin
The story of Purim is as upside-down as it can be,
You would be amazed you would never believe,
just like it is our job to turn over the world
just like mordachi and eshter we should
they had made the biggest impact
because they were frum - (because they were jewish and frum they made a big impact) 
not like hamans decree that went beom
It really IS crazy all the things that they went through,
Starting with Haman’s decree that came out of the blue,
But the reason Esther became queen though wanting to she didn’t,
Was just because the miracle of Purim was hidden!
Its Hashgata Protis that the story happened the way it did,
It seemed so normal, so regular, the miracle hid,
Just like on our Shluchis Hashgacha Protis Happens a ton,
Finding yidden, teaching them, it ends up being fun!
hasgacha pratis has bin waving throgh all these years
and may even caused some tears
and nachas surely he has
because we try to stay away from bad
but the biggest hashgacha and nachas of all
 is that weave bin hand picked by hashem from them all
to be his only nation 
like when we set up a table by the train station:)
we have to make a impact like mordachia and eshter
so we can bring moshiach even faster
and today im on shlichus turning over the universe
just like mordachi on acashveroshes horse

By: Mina Tiechtel - Kansas
Hashgacha pratice is something we understand - or not

Things don't go as we plan a lot
But we have to remember that Hashem has a plan too
Even if it might not make sense to you
In Hashem we must always believe
That's why I made my hamintash out of a leaf
Every leaf that falls from a tree
It doesn't matter if we don't see
Even if its that season
It has another reason
Everything is part of a plan
Whether here or in Japan!

By: Mushka Schmerling
I made my hamantaah kind of like a notebook. You open the cover (1st pic) and on one side its the story of purim i drew and on the other side i explained how it connects to shlichus and us yidden. 
Yidden: We are like the jelly we are different from everyone else and stick to who we are
Shlichus: we need to show evryone on our shlichus to be proud as yidden (add here the yidden explanation)

By: Chana Simpson
My Hamentasch is made up of a bunch of tiny pictures. When you look at one picture you might not see how it is important but, when you look at the picture as a whole you see that without that picture it just wouldn't be the same. The same is with Hashgacha Pratis. When we look at something that happens we just see that one thing. We do not realize how it is important. but Hashem is runing the world and He sees how it makes up the bigger picture!

By: Chaya Schlanger
I made mine out of siddurim and chitasim because on shluchis we daven when things get hard and the yidden in the purim story davened when Haman wanted to kill them.

By: Cirel Levertov
Here is a hamentash i made out of emoji pillows. Emojies are happy and going on Shluchos is happy! 

By: Ita Zweibel
My Hamentash connects to Shlichus because it brings more Yiddin closer to Yiddishkeit.

By: Yocheved Schmerling
This connects to my Shlichus because we made Hamentashen with our Hebrew School.

By: Devorah Leah Loewenthal
Being on shluchos in a place where there is no frum school
Going to online school and learn with all my frum friends 
Sos teaches me so much
And helps me on my shluchos when it gets hard
Such Hashgacha Protis
Sos is the best!
By: Zeesy Grossbaum
Its made out of some of my eraser collection 
and in the purim they needed to erase haman (haman wanted to erase the yidden C"V)

By: Chayale Lieblich

By: Chayale Hecht

מיר האבן נישט געוואוסט וואו צו מופן אויף שליחות. מיר האבן אין סוף געפונען אן ארט אבער געווען פארזארגט אויב עס איז ריכטיג.

דעם יאר מיין טאטי האט געקויפט א נייע רויטע פרוכט פאר ראש השנה, און ער האט נישט געוואוסט וואס סאיז געהייסן.

און ער האט אויסגעפונען אז סאיז געהייסן: א דראגן-פרוכט!

נישט לאנג שפעטער מיר האבן געמופט צו און ארט געהייסן קורטלאנד.

און די מאסקאט (mascot) פון קורטלאנד איז: א רויטע דראגן!

By: Shayna Johnson

One time I put the oven onto 350 but ended up not using it.
A few hours later someone wanted to cook something and then the oven was already on for them!
What Hashgacha Pratis!

“אמעריקא איז ניט אנדערש" 
What does that mean for YOU?

For our first Marvelous Monday Message Dress-Up - TICHEL DAY! 
Rounddd of applause for all of our "Mommies!"


Who's ex-ci-ted?! For Day of Celebration!
A glimpse of our rally today:
Hear from some Shakers of the World about why they love what they do!
Mazal Tov!!!!!

Paint Party - Night Activity!

Springs Going Viral! Gotta love all these amazing Mivtzoim pictures:))

Yud Tes Kislev Rally!!

Yud Daled Kislev Rally - Gut Yom Tov!


If you were there - here are some memories!
If you couldnt make it - here's a tiny taste


And Chaya Mushka Laufer!

This week is the last week of Snap It! Let's hear your spirit - sing along with Zeesy Grossbaum!

Thanks for joining us at our awesome breakout rally today!
<3 G.O. Kislev

Did you forget about this song? In preparation for an awesome rally this month, Malka Resnick is reminding us... :) 
The Snap It Theme Song by some cuties! 
Send your video in to be put on the photo blog :)

Chaya Mushka, great job!

Pessel still going strong with the theme song!

Rivkah singing an Ahavas Yisroel song in honor of this months theme - and it was students who made it up!
Some Shluchos singing our theme song on Skype after school!
Shaina singing our Snap It theme song!
Pictures and snapshots from G.O. Judgement Night! Thanks to all the girls who came :)

Wow! Look at all our special Shluchos, doing acts of Ahavas Yisroel!
Stay tuned for Monday to find out who will win the raffle :)!

Video and pics from Cheshvan Breakout Rally!

SOS Theme Song all the way in Austin, TX!
Wow! Check out our Shluchos who did Mivtzah Lulav as a part of S.O.S. Airlines - Tishrei with the Rebbe!

Mushka Hecht, your chayus is AH-MA-ZING!
The theme song by 2 special Shluchos! Great job Chayale and Chanie Mendelsohn!

The theme song by the Vorst girls! Great job!

Love the chayus there, Chaya Mushka!

A Morah got a snip of girls singing the theme song in class!
Wow! Great job to all these girls who are filling out their Cheshbon Nefesh powerade bottles! So excited to put you in the raffle for an exciting prize!

The whole G3 ET! Great job girls!

Nice job Leah Fischer! 

Wow! A special Shlucha is already doing her Cheshbon Nefesh and drinking her "powerade" for the coming year! Go Mushka Bluming!

Great job Zeesy! Nice job at those motions :)




Our theme song all the way in Venice! Great job Yocheved!


Great Chayus Ita!
Give a rouuund of applause for Menucha!
Wow Shaina! Great job!
Look at that energy - Go Rivka Shemtov!

Give it up for Hadassah Elkan!
Like a pro! Great job Bluma Refson!
Our theme song enthusiastically sung in Bakersfield, CA by Chaya Schlanger!

Great Job, Zisi!
Our SIP IT UP theme song all the way in Tallahassee! There you go, Mushkie!
Look who we met at Morah Soblicks wedding?!

Who misses our SOS alumni?!
We decided to surprise the girls in the Chicago dorm and give them a gift from all of you :)



A round of applause for our INCREDIBLE G.O. HEADS!! 
That breakout rally was so
funny and so exciting! Here are some pics
and the video we watched :) 


The video and pics from our welcome back to school! 
It was so fun seeing everyone again! 
Can't wait for an awesome year :)