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The Shluchim Office, a resource center for promoting the advancement of Judaism, is proud to announce the latest online education project: the Jewish Online School.  This new school is based on the same online education model that powers the Shluchim Online School, but we are now making this fully available to all Jewish children ages 5 until Bar/Bat Mitzvah. In addition our school also offers Bar Mitzvah classes and a teen program as well.

The Nigri Jewish Online School can provide your child with a full Hebrew School education.  Our curriculum includes a combination of Hebrew reading, Tefillah- Jewish prayer, and Judaic studies.  If a Hebrew School is unavailable in your region, we can offer it to you in the convenience of your own home.

The school offers a virtual education experience, with live classes and interactive learning.  Each of our online classrooms feature live streaming video and voice technology, and a digital whiteboard, capable of full multimedia presentation, as well as traditional whiteboard use.  During class, students can see their instructor and fellow classmates, and can fully interact with their classmates, teacher and whiteboard.

More than just imparting knowledge, the classroom provides students with the tools to become confident, successful learners.  Our graduates have proven that our unique classroom setup produces students that are ready, academically and socially, to be integrated into a "traditional" classroom setting.

The Nigri Jewish Online School is a project of The Shluchim Office, global Chabad-Lubavitch Resource Center.