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(T.T.T.O. R’ Shlomo’s Niggun)
With marching orders
Shluchim go
to conquer far and near
with their children
and a vision
Yiddishkeit to share
Programs clubs meals and shuls
for every Jew
But they need chinuch for their children too

Though I'm young
As a shliach
I too was sent out
The Rebbe’s chossid
Bound, connected
I must be throughout
His promise to my parents
That their burden he would bear
They know my chinuch's in the Rebbe’s care

In the Nigri Shluchim Online School I am proud to be
Learning with so many friends - shluchim just like me
My Teacher is guiding me to follow in the Rebbe’s way
And best of all, I'll see them all, on celebration day

HIGH: x2
Aha hey aya ya
The Rebbe’s kids, the Rebbe’s pride
in all we do he's at our side
Ashreinu, what a zchus to be in his holy domain
Now, dear Rebbe, home we've come
your children, once again, as one
on your shoulders we know we remain.

In the Nigri Shluchim Online School I am proud to be
learning with so many friends - Shluchim just like me
My Teacher is guiding me to follow in the Rebbe’s way
for this precious gift, dear Rebbe, thank you we do say