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The Online School’s primary focus is to provide its students with the knowledge and skills that they need, maintaining an academic level equivalent to that of standard schools.

Although the absence of real-life teacher/student contact may pose certain challenges, teachers in the Shluchim Online School have found that the unique virtual-classroom environment can be used to their advantage as well. Students tend to be less intimidated by teachers and peers in this virtual setting and are eager to share their input, thoughts, ideas and creativity in a stress-free manner.

To compensate for the limited teacher-student contact, our teachers focus on picking up non-verbal cues and otherwise tuning into their student’s needs.

About our Online School platform
  • Each classroom is webcam enabled, and has the capacity to show six webcams at once
  • Each classroom has extensive mic privileges, disallowing simultaneous talkers which ensures smoother conversation with less interruption
  • Student permissions include webcam, mic, uploading powerpoint presentations, and writing on the whiteboard and more, thereby making every student an active member in the class
  •  With the ability to host ‘breakout rooms’ which are a separate rooms within the classroom, each classroom can be used for chavrusah learning and group projects, allowing the students to work independently without distraction    
Class sizes are kept small, to ensure individualized attention.




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