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Screen Recording

How to create a recording of your screen using BB FlashBack Express:

Download the program here.

Open the program.

Inline image 1

Press Record your screen.

Inline image 2

Choose to record Full Screen, Window, or a Region. Select Region to record just a part of the screen.

Inline image 3

Choose whether to record sound and which source(s) you wish to record.

Inline image 5

Press the Red Circle at the bottom to begin recording.

Inline image 6

Choose the region of the screen you wish to record and then press Record.

When you are finishing recording, press Ctrl+Shift+S to stop recording.

At the prompt choose where to save the recording.

Inline image 8 

At the following screen, choose Export.

Inline image 9

Select AVI as the Export Format and press OK. 

Inline image 2

Select Full Frames (Uncompressed) and press OK. (This step only needs to be done the first time. It will save your preferences for the future.) 

Inline image 3

Press Export.

Inline image 4

Choose where you would like to save the recording.

Inline image 10