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What is the Timer?

How do I set and run the Timer?

How do I pause and resume the timer?

How do I stop the timer?

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What is the Timer?

The Timer is a clock that you can use to effectively manage your sessions. It can be useful in helping you pace your own presentations or coordinate multiple presenters by tracking the time allotted to each. Only one Timer can be running at a time in a session.

You also can use the Timer when working with Participants. Let’s say you have sent Participants to breakout rooms for thirty minutes to work on an assignment. To help the Participants stay on track with the assignment, you could make the Timer (set for thirty minutes) visible to them.

The Timer can be set to count down from a specified time to zero or count up from zero for an indefinite time. It can be paused and can be hidden from view at any time.

The Timer interface consists of two elements: the Timer Settings dialog in which you set the time and Timer options and the Timer that displays the time.

The Timer Settings dialog has the following components:

Running Timer:

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How do I set and run the Timer?

You can set the Timer to work in one of two modes:

· You can have the Timer Count down from the number you specify to zero.

· You can have the Timer Count up from zero to an indefinite time.

Counting Up or Down


1. Click on the Count Down From radio button.

2. Move to the time field (Hour, Minute or Second) you want to change. Either click in the desired field with your mouse or use your Right and Left Arrow Keys.


Select your Timer expiration indicator options.

Choose none, one or both options:

· Choose Play Sound if you want a “beep” to sound when the Timer has expired.

· Choose Display Message if you want to display a visual message when the Timer has expired. (This is the default option.)


Select your visibility options

Choose one:

· Choose Show to All if you want everyone in the session, including Participants, to see the Timer. This includes showing in Breakout Rooms.

· Choose Show to Moderators Only if you want only Moderators to see the Timer.

· (Optional) Enter a message (of up to 25 characters) to session attendees explaining the purpose of the timer. You might want to enter the name of a timed assignment to make it clear to students how much time they have left to complete the assignment.

Starting, Pausing and Resetting the Timer


1. Click on the Start button. The Timer will end when zero is reached.

2. To pause the Timer, click on Pause. When paused, the time can be changed.

3. To resume it again, click on Resume.

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How do I pause and resume the timer?

Moderators can pause and resume the Timer at any time, regardless of whether or not they personally started the Timer.

  • To pause the Timer, click on the Pause.

  • To resume the Timer.

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How do I stop the timer?

There are two ways to stop the timer:

· From the Tools menu, select Timer > Stop Timer.

· Click on the Stop Timer button.

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