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Connection Speed

How do I set my connection speed?

How do I lower connection speed to help with connection issues?

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How do I set my connection speed?

When you access a session for the first time, you will be asked to verify your Internet Connection Speed.



You also have the option to set this speed once you have begun a session. Follow the steps below to do this:


  • · Once in the session, open the preferences dialog in one of the following ways:
    • From the Tools menu, select Preferences… (Windows, Linux & Solaris)
    • From the (Apple) menu, select Preferences (Macintosh)
    • Enter Ctrl+Comma (Windows, Linux & Solaris)
    • Enter Command ',", (Macintosh)
  • · Select Session
  • · Select Connection


  • · Select your Connection Speed and how you would like to be Prompt for speed in the future.
  • · Select Apply
  • · Select OK

Here are some guidelines for selecting the appropriate connection speed:



  • · If using a dial-up connection in your home, select the option that matches the speed of your modem.

Hardwired Network Connection:

  • · If using a hardwired network connection (e.g., in your home office) with a high-speed dedicated telephone connection, choose ISDN.
  • · If using a hardwired network connection (e.g., in your home office) with a cable, ADSL or DSL service, choose Cable/DSL.

Local Area Network

  • · If you are connected through a Local Area Network, select LAN.


  • · If using a private wireless connection with a Cable or DSL service (e.g., in your home office), you may need to experiment to determine which option works best: Cable/DSL, Wireless or ISDN. If you are alone on your wireless network, have a relatively modern wireless router and have successfully blocked your neighbors from taking a free ride on your Internet service, Cable/DSL will probably be best. If however, you experience audio issues, you may have to drop your connection speed down to Wireless or ISDN or try to improve your wireless network.
  • · If using a shared, public wireless connection, use the Wireless option.



In all cases, if your connection is poor (keeps dropping), try selecting a lower connection speed. Just keep in mind that this may create a compromise between connection stability and audio quality (you may experience delays in receipt of the audio signal).

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How do I lower my connection speed to help with connection issues?



This program is designed to ensure that you are always experiencing a session synchronized with all participants live and in real time. To do this, the program matches the rate at which the server sends information to you with the setting you chose for connection speed. Your connection speed may be unstable for a few reasons:


  • · Brief internet outage
  • · Wireless connection
  • · Network slow down
  • · Network Congestion

If your connection speed slows for any reason, the server may be sending you more information than your connection can process. The unprocessed information builds up until finally your computer resets its Internet connection in an attempt to overcome the connection problem, disconnecting you from this program.



Lower your connection speed. Click here for instructions on lowering your connection speed one level.

(For example, if you are using a 56 K modem, lower your connection speed to 33.6 K.) This will lower the rate at which information is sent to you by the server, and reduce the chance that a buildup of unprocessed information will result in your computer resetting your connection, and thus disconnect you from this program.

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