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Q: Whom does the Jewish Online School cater to?
A: Our school caters to all Jewish children who do not have a Hebrew School providing Jewish education in their area.

Q: What grades/ages is the school for?
A: Our school currently serves children ages 6 until Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Q: How do I register?
A: Registration can be quickly and easily completed using our online registration form.

Q: What will my child(ren) need in order to attend the Jewish Online School?
A: Each student will need:
·    A desktop or laptop computer designated for their personal school use.
·    A current-model webcam and microphone/earphone combo headset to allow for live communication and interaction between student and teacher.
·    A broadband Internet connection that is secure and reliable
·   Standard school supplies (lined-sheet notebooks, three-ring binders, pencils and erasers, etc.; lists of required supplies are issued by each teacher at the start of the school year).
Q: What is the schedule of a typical day in the Online School?
A: The Jewish Online School is available Sunday mornings and weeknights at convenient after school hours.  We're beginning with classes once a week.  
Class begins with a 45 minute session that includes Prayer and Hebrew Reading.  Class time is broken up with a five minute break and then concludes with 45 minutes of the Judaic Curriculum.

Please check the posted class schedule for exact times and subjects.

 Q: When does the school year begin and end?
A: Our school year is based on the traditional September-June school calendar. 
Q: An online school might be a great idea, but does it really work as well as a real school with desks and chairs?
A:  From the beginning of the Jewish Online School, a primary and legitimate concern of many parents has been about its ability to replace a typical school setting. 
Much attention has been given to addressing this concern and countless innovative measures have been taken as result. We incorporate various interactive learning tools and activities into our curriculum.  Our teachers focus on imbuing their lessons with excitement and variety and on connecting to their students in creative ways.
From another perspective, the online classroom has proven to have its own unique advantages. Teachers have found that students feel more comfortable in this setting than in a pressured classroom environment.  As a result, our students participate with enhanced self-confidence, personal expression and focused learning. 
Q: How does the Jewish Online School turn individual students all over the map into a cohesive class?

A: Our unique software allows students to hear and see one another, creating a social framework in which our students connect. Our staff works hard to encourage these bonds to extend beyond the classroom as well.
Teachers work with cooperative learning methods and assign group projects to promote student interaction. They also encourage students to call and e-mail each other in the hope of cultivating unity and friendship among them.